The world of sales is rapidly changing! Traditional sales strategies are no longer effective. Customers no longer buy solutions but buy business outcomes. My name is Thierry van Herwijnen. I work in the field of Sales Enablement and Operations.I am the host of the Sales Enablement Lab podcast.

My co-hosts and I outline practical ideas you can leverage day to day, to increase sales, enhance productivity and drive incremental growth! We will share how you can drive sales conversations that matter!  I would love to hear your thoughts!  I would love to hear your thoughts! Please send me your opinion on a topic, or a lesson learned. What works or doesn’t work? How are you impacting business? What are the barriers to success? What does the business expect? Or what is missing?

How about joining me on a podcast? Be my co-host for a session and let’s have fun talking about what works, what doesn’t work, or the scope of the job itself.

You can find how to contact me here!

Podcast Archive
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