Season 1, Episode 11: The B2B sales rep isn’t that dead! Forrester explains its research

Co-Host Peter O'Neill - Forrester



Peter O’Neill is the VP & Research Director for B2B Marketing (previously called Sales Enablement) at Forrester. Peter manages a group of analysts focused on B2B marketing understanding and navigating the complex sphere of buyer stakeholders.

As we discussed a few weeks ago with Tom Pisello in Season 1, Episode 9 the role of the B2B Sales Rep is dramatically changing. Forrester forecasts that 1 million US B2B salespeople will lose their jobs to self-service eCommerce by the year 2020. This statement and the research challenged the current thinking and caused a debate on social media.

Peter explains the research behind the prediction and provides more color & insights. Peter also shares how to turn this into a potential opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and how you can continue to add value to your customers and become a true business partner.

Peter wraps up with his personal insights and shares 3 practical tips on how you can be successful as a Sales Enablement leader.

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