Season 1, Episode 13: Why a systems approach to Sales Enablement is crucial

Co-Host Tamara Schenk - CSO Insights, a division of MHI Global



Tamara Schenk is a Research Director at CSO Insights, a division of MHI Global, focussed on Sales Enablement. She is one of the key thought leaders and influencers in this rapidly evolving space.

During this week’s podcast Tamara shares her perspectives on Sales Enablement. She shares how she has seen Sales Enablement evolve from a highly fragmented function with disconnected programs to a much more integrated selling systems approach in the recent years.

Tamara shares how you can create your own selling system based on her four key principles:

  • Map your sales execution to your business strategy
  • Define which Sales Enablement Services you want to offer
  • Measure your impact through Sales Enablement Operations
  • Focus on reinforcement, adoption and change management

We also touch on the million dollar question, to who should Sales Enablement report in the organisation? Sales,  Marketing or … ?

At the end Tamara will give you her top 3 tips you can use to start building your own selling system today!

Are you interested to participate in the Sales Enablement survey from MHI Research Institute? Visit Tamara’s blog and complete the survey. Upon completing the survey you will be able to download the CSO Insights’ 2015 Sales Management Optimization Key Trends Analysis and you will receive the 2015 Sales Enablement Study Key Trends Report in October.

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