Season 1, Episode 14: Death by powerpoint! The cost of not communicating clearly

Co-Host Simon Morton - Eyeful Presentations



Simon Morton is the founder and managing director of Eyeful Presentations. Eyeful Presentations helps companies with their last mile communication, translating a product or an idea into an easy to understand value proposition and presentation. Simon is also the author of a great book called “The Presentation Lab” focussed on the same topic. Interested in his book? Read till the end.

You work extremely hard for months, sometimes years on your product and now you have reached the point you are ready to launch it to the market. How do you communicate the value your product brings in the most effective and efficient way so people start to buy? You can have the best idea or product in the world but if you can’t articulate the value in an easy to understand way your efforts will go to waste.

In this week’s podcast Simon and myself will talk about how to create a great message and how to translate that message into a great presentation. How do you avoid the “Death by PowerPoint” syndrome which we have all experienced?

Together we explore what communication tools work best for which audience. We discuss what other tools are available in addition to powerpoint like press and white boarding? What works best with a technical buyer vs a business buyer? What tool do you use when you want to connect with the C-Suite? Why is it important to have a clear call to action? Simon explains it all.

Like in every podcast we wrap up with three key suggestions you can start using tomorrow!

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Interested in Simon’s book The Presentation Lab? Good news! the first 3 people who post a question or leave their feedback on this blog post will get a free copy from Simon! Big thank you to Simon and Eyeful Presentations for making this possible! Looking forward to see everyone’s feedback and questions!

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One thought on “Season 1, Episode 14: Death by powerpoint! The cost of not communicating clearly

  1. Thanks for a great podcast – it’s so refreshing to hear a shared passion for good slide presentation and to hear such sound advice on preparation!