Season 1, Episode 4: The value of storytelling in sales

Co-Host Melissa Madian - Vision Critical



Melissa Madian is the vice president of Sales Enablement for Vision Critical, a marketing Nerd and also the Chief Fabulous Officer. In this week’s podcast Melissa and myself talk about storytelling, a topic we are both very passionate about. Listen to Melissa explaining how all the best books, movies and plays tell a story using a framework and how you can leverage the same effective technique in sales.

Melissa unveils how every story needs a hero and how in the world of sales this needs to be your customer, how to connect the hero to what you would like to sell and how you structure the story.

How do you start a storytelling Sales Enablement program in your company? Melissa shares some practical tips to get you started!

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2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 4: The value of storytelling in sales

  1. According to the Gartner survey, the best way for your reps to articulate value is to help them share customer stories. 70% of these executive buyers, for example, felt that “customer stories and case studies are the best way that providers can communicate differentiation that I trust”

    • Michael,

      Absolutely, I can not agree more. As a rep you need have a personal library of around 50 stories you can articulate. Short 5 – 10 minute conversation starters. As Sales Enablement professionals we can support our reps by building a library of these stories, not just the story but if possible small videos showing how to tell these stories.