Season 1, Episode 5: Practical tips on how to create engaging sales content

Co-Host Jim Moliski - Corporate Visions



Jim Moliski is the senior vice president of product marketing and Sales Enablement for Corporate Visions. This weeks podcast is a followup to the conversation we had with Tim Riesterer in Season 1, Episode 3. If you did not listen to this podcast yet I recommend you listen to this one as well.

In this weeks conversation with Jim we take the conversation to the next level. How do you build engaging sales content?

Everyone who has been or is in sales knows the problem. Sales content is typically not up to date, hard to use, overwhelming and often not engaging enough to have the right conversation with your customer.

Jim will share his experience on how to create the right content to have outcome based sales conversation. He will explain why you need to start with the why change, followed by the why you (and not the other way around) and how you do this for your company.

We will talk about how you can create your own list of standardised sales content which will help you to prepare and budget better for your upcoming sales campaigns. We will also touch on different presentation techniques like white boarding.

At the end of the conversation Jim will share 3 practical tips to get you started on your journey to create amazing engaging sales content!

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