Season 1, Episode 7: As a frontline sales manager how often do you coach your team?

Co-Host David Brock - Partners in EXCELLENCE



David Brock is the founder and president of Partners In EXCELLENCE, a boutique consultancy company focussed on the customer facing side of organisations. In addition Dave has his own podcast and blog.

This week’s podcast is focussed on coaching and especially coaching by the front line sales manager. We discuss why it is critically important to coach your sales teams, how you find the time to have regular coaching sessions and explore the most effective way to conduct a coaching session. Dave explains how to conduct a non directive coaching session by asking the right questions.

At the end of the conversation Dave will share a few practical tips on how to start your own coaching program.

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3 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 7: As a frontline sales manager how often do you coach your team?

  1. Thierry, thanks for the opportunity to have this discussion! Coaching is the single highest leverage use of a sales manager’s time. It’s critical for managers to invest time in doing this and to do it right!

    Thanks for a great discussion!