Season 3, Episode 3: Part #1 – The Sales Manager Survival Guide

Co-Host David Brock - Partners in EXCELLENCE



This week we welcome back David Brock to the Sales Enablement Lab podcast. David is the founder and president of Partners In EXCELLENCE, a boutique consultancy company focussed on the customer facing side of organizations. David recently released a new book called the Sales Manager Survival Guide.

The Sales Manager Survival guide is focussed on the front line sales manager and the day to day challenges they have to overcome. They are responsible for translating the companies sales strategy to day to day execution. Millions and millions are spent on training sales people but often we forget the front line sales managers.

In this two-part podcast series, we will focus on addressing some of the biggest challenges front line sales managers face on a daily basis.

We will cover topics like: How to create your 30-60-90 day plan when you start as a frontline sales manager? What are the organization expectations from front line sales managers? How do you transition from sales to sales management without losing your friends in the organization? How do create a ‘coaching’ environment in your organization? How do you coach a high performing sales team?

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