Season 3, Episode 8: The critical role of the front line sales manager

Co-Host Roderick Jefferson, Oracle Marketing Cloud



Roderick Jefferson is the global head of Sales Enablement for Oracle Marketing Cloud.

This week we continue to build on a topic we discussed before in the Sales Enablement Lab podcast, the role of the front line Sales Manager. Like Dave Brock, Roderick is passionate about this important topic.

Roderick shares why the role of the front-line sales manager is critical. According to Roderick, this is where the rubber hits the road. We discuss what makes a great front line sales manager, the importance of coaching and how you develop a coaching program. We also debate the benefits of having a dedicated coaching team and the value they can bring to your sales opportunities.

At the end of the podcast, Roderick shares his practical tips for Sales Enablement practitioners on how to create an enablement approach for front line sales managers.

What do you do to enable front line sales managers? What programs do you run? Let us know and share your thoughts and questions below.

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