Season 1, Episode 2: Why did Cisco make Sales Enablement a strategic function?

Co-Host Marci Meaux - Cisco Systems



Marci Meaux is the VP of Planning, Programs and Operations for Cisco’s 11B Services business. Marci is an amazing business leader and during my 14 years with Cisco I had the pleasure to report to her for a few years. Together we worked on Cisco’s transformation program to turn Sales Enablement into a strategic function. Listen to Marci and myself talk about the journey we went through, why Cisco decided to strategically invest into Sales Enablement and how we secured the investment for this transformational program. At the end Marci will share some great tips you can use if you are starting a similar program!

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Let me know your thoughts! Are you going through a similar transformation? Is your company making the strategic investment you are looking for? Leave your feedback, questions or suggestions in the comments below.