Season 1, Episode 12: How to make sure your sales reps tell a consistent story

Co-Host Jonathan Palay - CommercialTribe



Jonathan Palay is one of the founders of CommercialTribe and VP of Sales. CommercialTribe solves one of the toughest problems in sales: how do you make sure your sales reps tell a consistent sales story?

We have all seen it. You research a company on the web, look at their products and decide to reach out to get more information. However when you talk with one of the sales reps the story is different compared what you read on the web. You quickly lose trust.

Creating a good sales messages is tough and we explored this earlier in the sales enablement lab with the team from Corporate Visions, so once you have the perfect sales message for your product or service you want to maximise the value and the return.

Together with Jonathan we explore how you can achieve consistency across your entire sales organisation and how you can setup a certification program in your company to make sure your teams all articulate the same value.

At the end of this podcast Jonathan will share 3 practical tips to get you started today with your own program!

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Let me know your thought and feedback by using the comments section below? How do you make sure your sales reps tell the same story?