Season 1, Episode 10: 7 steps to an awesome sales message!

Co-Host Leslie Talbot - Corporate Visions



Leslie Talbot is the vice president of content at Corporate Visions. She is a thought leader on how to create an engaging sales message which can be used by sales reps to win more deals!

This week’s podcast is a followup to the conversations we had with Tim Riesterer in Season 1, Episode 3 & Jim Moliski Season 1, Episode 5. If you did not listen to these podcasts yet I highly recommend you do!

Leslie and myself will talk about how important it is to have a clear sales message which can be leveraged by your sales teams and how to create one. She explains the value of a power positions and how they differ from value propositions and how this really drives the customer to take action!

Leslie will share her secret sauce she uses every day to create amazing sales messages for her customers – the CVI 7 step framework to a power position:

Step 1) Identify your audience and create your targeted conversation profile
Step 2) Identify your customer’s business objectives
Step 3) Understand your customer’s status quo, which trends put their business objectives at risk
Step 4) Identify your customer’s top challenges
Step 5) Map your capabilities; Identify your 2-3 differentiators
Step 6) Identify your value; what can your customer do differently with your solution
Step 7) Take a step back and create your power position based on step 1 – 6

Want to understand the detail and hear a great example, listen to the podcast!

We wrap up with Leslie sharing her personal top 3 tips to get you started today!

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How do you create engaging sales messaging? What process do you follow? How do you test your message? Feel free to share below.