Season 3, Episode 7: First global Sales Enablement Society meeting! … and why this is awesome!

Co-Host Scott Santucci - Founder Sales Enablement Society



I am thrilled to have Scott Santucci join us again on the Sales Enablement Lab podcast. We both just returned from Florida for the first global Sales Enablement Society meeting ever!. Scott and a handful of other passionate Sales Enablement practitioners launched the Society as a local initiative in Washington DC earlier this year. Since then the Sales Enablement Society has expanded exponentially and currently has 750+ members representing Sales Enablement practitioners, analysts, educators, and vendors!

In Florida 100+ Sales Enablement enthusiasts got together under Scott’s leadership to discuss topics like: What will be the strategic value of Sales Enablement in the future? How do we want to develop the role? What is the charter of the Sales Enablement Society? What questions would we like to answer as a community?

Scott describes openly the roller coaster he went through in the last few months trying to pull this off the ground together with his team of volunteers.

Want to learn more about the Sales Enablement Society or join? Go here, learn more and sign up!

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Season 1, Episode 1: Scott Santucci’s view on Sales Enablement

Co-Host Scott Santucci - Alexander Group



Scott Santucci was one of the first in the industry to recognise the strategic value of Sales Enablement, first as the director of research for Forrester and more recently for the Alexander Group. But why did Scott move to the Alexander Group and how does he think Sales Enablement will evolve as a strategic function? Listen to Scott and myself talk about this and a lot more.

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Let me know your thought and feedback by using the comments section below. How do you see Sales Enablement evolve as a function? What would you like to ask to Scott or myself?