Season 1, Episode 8: Think big, Act bigger. The rewards of being relentless

Co-Host Jeffrey Hayzlett - Hayzlett Group



Jeffrey Hayzlett is very well know in the world of sales and marketing. He is a thought leader, best selling author, TV/Radio/Podcast host, a public speaker, was CMO for a top fortune 100 company, worked from main street to Wall Street, bought and sold 200 companies worth billions of dollars. He is also the founder of the Hayzlett group. An incredible resume.

Jeffrey’s new book called ‘Think Big, Act Bigger – The rewards of being relentless.” will be released in September.  This week we have a preview together with Jeffrey.

We will discuss how to get access to the most influential buyers: the C-Suite, the importance of social selling and how being relentless pays off at the end. Jeffrey will reveal the secrets behind his 118 pitch and he will share his thoughts on the common mistakes he sees sales executive make and how to avoid them.

At the end Jeffrey will share 3 practical tips you can get put into practice starting now!

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