Season 2, Episode 1: A Sales Enablement Journey; View From the Field

Co-Host Daniel West - Infoblox



Welcome to Season Two, Episode 1! After our break we are back with an exciting second season of the Sales Enablement Lab podcast. Similar to season one we have a great line-up of co-hosts!

This week we kick off with Daniel West who is the VP of Sales Strategy & Operations at Infoblox. Daniel is one of the key thought leaders in the area of Sales Enablement and Sales Operations and it is a pleasure to have him as a co-host this week.

During this week’s episode Daniel shares his personal views on Sales Enablement and how he influenced this space as a thought leader. Daniel will touch on how he has seen the role mature in the last few years and how he sees the strategic importance of the role of Sales Enablement in the new Digital Economy.

Daniel will share some of the key initiatives he is working on, how he aligns his strategy with the business and some of the Sales Enablement challenges he faces and what he is doing to overcome them.

At the end Daniel will share how he measures his impact and will we will discuss some of the important learning he had in the recent years and how you can get started with your own Sales Enablement initiatives!

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We would love to hear your feedback! What kind of Sales Enablement programs are you working on? How are you measuring your impact? Leave your comments, feedback and suggestions in the comments below.


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