Season 3, Episode 5: Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum

Co-Host Peter O'Neill - Forrester



Peter O’Neill is the VP & Research Director for B2B Marketing (previously called Sales Enablement) at Forrester. Peter manages a group of analysts focused on B2B marketing.

In this week’s podcast, Peter will give an update on Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum which took place in October in Miami.

Peter shares the highlights of the conference and provides an update on the ‘Dead of the B2B Sales Rep’ research which we covered earlier in the podcast during season 1, episode 9 (Tom Pisello, Alinean) and season 1, episode 11 (Peter O’Neill, Forrester). Also, we discuss Account Based Marketing (ABM), the alignment of Sales and Marketing and the rapidly evolving technology space around Sales Enablement. All topics which were focus areas during the conference.

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