Season 3, Episode 6: Creating a Strategic Sales Onboarding program

Co-Host Jim Ninivaggi - Brainshark



This week Jim Ninivaggi joins the Sales Enablement Lab podcast. Jim is responsible for strategic partnerships and alliances at Brainshark. Before Jim joined Brainshark, he was with Sirius Decisions where he launched the Sales Enablement practice working closely with hundreds of clients providing them with strategic advice. In Season 1, episode 15 we talked with Jim on how to create the business case for Sales Enablement.

This week we are focussed on sales onboarding, a key area for most Sales Enablement practitioners. reports 30% of external new hires turn over within the first two years of employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of replacing an employee is over 25% of their annual salary (some say 50%), so it is very costly when you don’t get it right.

Together with Jim, we answer questions like: What is the definition of sales onboarding and how does it compare to traditional training? Where does onboarding start and where does it stop? How do you create an onboarding organization and strategy? How do you measure success?

Let us know what you think of this week’s topic! How do you define sales onboarding and what program have you developed? How do you measure the impact of your onboarding program?

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